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Where The Humans Eat

The One Minute Woman

In a self-referential kind of way…

Sketchbook : Terror From The Deep

How Not To Do A Pastel Nude

 Every-Day-Art’s very first warts and all unmitigated disaster. File under “learning experience”…

Sunday Linky : Dark Red Comics

This week’s Sunday Linky is to celebrate the first anniversary of a friend’s online comic project Dark Red. Photographed with live actors then maniplulated into a distinctive and…

The Steadfast Tin Soldier

A sketch for a book page. Hence the space for text.

Trees in a puddle

Pastel Leaves

More about playing with colour and the pastels than anything. And chucking charcoal in the mix too just to see how different it is.

Sketchbook : Number Three of a Pear

Given recent events, I think the line’s going in the wrong direction.

Sketchbook : The Further Adventures of a Pear

Pastel nude

Sunday Linky : Guernica

For some reason this week I’ve been thinking a lot about Picasso, and in particular Guernica – his incredibly potent reaction to the horrors of warfare. I think…

Blast From The Past : Head Study

A rumage in the Big Bag of Drawings today I’m afraid. This piece of beginner’s luck was one of my very first charcoal drawings I think.

Building the Night

I’ve decided that playing the colour settings and stuff in Corel is a good way to learn about colours and how they relate. This was practically just black…

Sketchbook : Clockwork Chicken

Sketchbook : Pear in context

A sketchbook page. A pear. Some colours.


Another from last night. This one’s a bit subconciously influenced by all that Paolozzi I was looking at in Edinburgh the other month. A bit of Howson and,…

Circuit Training, or, Man in Motion

Sunday Linky : And It Was All Going So Well

This week’s Sunday linky comes from explodingdog – a site I’ve been following for many years. It’s a lovely idea where the artist, Sam Brown, takes words or…

Jupiter over Glasgow

The Lighter Side

Sunrise after rain

Works better in colour.

Sketchbook : Connections

An idea I had on the train tonight. Everyone seemed to be using a phone, or an iPod or a Blackberry or whatever – trying to be anything…

Drawing exercise : The Gloves Are Off

Man in the Desert, or, The One Minute Man