March 2008

Sunday Linky : Mark Hall’s bronze conkers

These are just amazing. They are conkers – horse chestnuts – complete with shell, fashioned from bronze. Saw them a couple of years ago and finally succumbed at…


As you may have noticed I’ve been having difficulty getting back into the swing of this since Easter, what with my creative synapses being a bit on the…

Permission to Land

Leetle feeshes

Public Service Announcement

Every_day_art is going on holiday for a few days as I’ll be down in London at Orbital. I will try and put up some pics but I don’t…

The Planets in Orbit

And it’s done.

The final planet – Jupiter

Which I’m still not happy with but the deadline it is here, so it’ll have to go in.

The Magician (Uranus)

Interesting this one…. It started as a completely abstract sweep of irridescent yellow – an arc of energy. Then it started to look like some sort of fish…

Sunday Linky : My Birthday present

This is just gorgeous…. Thanks to everyone who gave me vouchers to buy it.

Bringer of Old Age (Saturn) – v2

After trashing last night’s Jupiter attempt I came to the conclusion that I’m pushing myself too hard with this and to give myself (a) a break and (b)…

WIP – Bringer of Joy (Jupiter)

So fresh, the paint’s still very wet…. and very much still work in progress. Think more swirls in other shades.

Silly : Varnishing Day

Oh, for a proper studio…. EDIT : I had no idea this photo would generate so much interest, but I’ll identify the pictures for ease of discussion. TOP…

Last life class of the year.

…and I never did get pastels right. Maybe next year. This was a 20 minuter that I did when I gave up on an hour’s work.

Watercolour on monoprint

Today’s lesson : the ink you use in monoprinting is water soluable, and therefore runs when one applies watercolour no matter how long you’ve given it to dry….

Sunday Linky : Why The Otter Loves Coffee

I didn’t give you a Sunday Linky last week – so embroiled in the planets was I – so here’s a cracker for this week: Why I Love…

WIP – Bringer of Old Age

Back to the Planets stuff – a work in progress for Saturn.

Bet she was glad this was just a two minute pose


I aten’t dead.

The Mystic (Neptune)

With iridescent paint! ….and a little inspiration from a Paul Klee book I was flicking through in class last night. I can’t find the image online, but it…

WIP – Venus 2

Second one for Venus (Bringer of Peace). Happier with this one I think.

Experiment – Bringer of Peace

An idea for Venus. Might not go with this one.

WIP – The Winged Messenger

Mercury went through something of a transformation today. Not sure about this one. Feedback (positive and negative) appreciated… PHOTO NOTE : It’s not quite as orange as it…