April 2008


Sunday Linky : Pre-raph at the Tate Britain

Was down at the Tate earlier on this week and was privileged to see Edward Burne-Jones‘ Last Sleep of Arthur in Avalon, on loan from somewhere in Puerto…

Satellite 2

Rough ideas for the satellite_2 logo. Now suitably beer-stained.  

Glaciers of Europa

Silly title for silly piece. Fun though.

Sketchbook – Venus Chiding Cupid

Sketch from Venus Chiding Cupid by Joseph Nollekens, which is part of Tate Britain’s really rather marvellous Return of the Gods exhibition on neo-classical scuplture. Obviously scanned in…

Arabian Sun / Alien Music Festival

Forbidden City

Green 2

Remember the painting from yesterday?  This is what it ended up like. OK, so clearly this canvas has been given over entirely to experimentation now. There are at…

Green / Turner Spring / Marie Celeste

Various titles, and yet in the end only Green seems to suit it. I put this today up because tomorrow it dies.

Sketchbook : Clouds

Inspired by this photo, and the fact that I haven’t actually drawn with a pencil in ages….

Sunset in wood

Sunday Linky : TwistyFoldy.net

Not sure I’ve done a photography Sunday Linky yet. This is the website of Michael Gallacher, where there are some really brilliant photos capturing the real spirit of…

Underwater Fossils

Really fought to photograph and adjust this one and the image still isn’t right. Ah well.

I’m back!

Work in Progress – Provisional title Silver Lining. In large-o-vision on a 24″ square canvas.