May 2008

Coming to a canvas near you soon…

Been having a look through some cloud photos for ideas. I like clouds.

Mountains Turned Into Clouds – day three

You know, every so often I do something that reminds me why I paint. I am actually pleased with this. I think that might mean it’s finished. Mountains…

WIP – Mountains Turned Into Clouds

The title’s from a track on Steve Hackett’s version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream which I happened to be listening to this afternoon. An annoying bit of flash…

WIP – Mountains

Satellite 2 logo : Just Add Moon

Colour : Satellite 2 Lander

As promised:

Sketch : Satellite 2 logo

The logo for satellite_2 is probably going to be digitally assembled, which means I’ll paint the moon and the lander and then superimpose them on top of one…

Oddity : Bark

What happens when you put charcoal over acrylic paint? This apparently.

Sunday Linky : A Humument

My first contact with Tom Phillips’ Humument was on a gallery visit to Edinburgh last November (I wrote about it here)  Now, thanks to f4f3 , you can…

A couple more remasters

  Left – Forbidden CityRight – Alien Music Festival

Underwater Fossils (remastered)

I know I’ve put this one up before but the photo was terrible. Shiny new camera does a slightly better job:


Like I said, exploring some new things.

Sunshine Stopped Play

…or, Still Life with Pimms. Sorry. Spent nice day outdoors instead of at an easel.

State of the Project – 4 months in

Time for another state of the project post I think. Well it’s fair to say that the every day aspect of the project has gone decidedly awry. This…

Sunday Linky : Random from LJ

This caught my eye this week on the LJ illustrators forum. (didn’t reproduce it here because I haven’t asked permission but figured a link would never be a…

Farewell old friend…

And so tomorrow, Quinacridone Rift, otherwise known as The Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich – my first ever abstract painting, goes to its new home. You know, for all…