November 2008

Sunday Linky : Pigs at war

I liked this from the LJ forums today.

I Rule The Ruins (Iter Impius)

Meeting minutes

It wasn’t a very interesting meeting. Nor was it about elves, or snowmen and robins playing a Wii.

Sunday Linky : Impressionism in Scotland

Currently on at the Kelvingrove and heartily recommended to all Glasgow based folks.

Painted gesture lines

“Canadian picture” (working title, work in progress)

This is what the Kroma try-out is turning into….


Bonus : Kroma acrylics try-out

Trying out the new acrylics I bought in Vancouver… I think it’s fair to say I’m impressed…

Sunday Linky : exploding dog again

I’ve done exploding dog before but they come up with such great stuff. This one from last week for example, which just seems to encompass what’s happening outside my…

Michael again

Gesture Drawings

Haven’t put anything like this up in a while.


Essence (WIP)