February 2011

Drawings twenty-five to twenty-eight

OK, I missed another one – drawing twenty-four – but I bring the whole 28 Drawings Later project to a close with this catch up from the weekend….

Drawing twenty-three – Loch Fyne WIP #3

Spot the ‘secret weapon’!

Drawing twenty-two

Drawing twenty-one – Scribbler rose

Some folks on the 28 Drawings Later facebook page have been using this web thingy : www.zefrank.com/scribbler/scribblertoo/ to make fun drawings so I thought I’d have a go.

Drawing twenty – The Love Supreme project – layer two

A second 34 minutes on the Love Supreme project. Some nice new rhythmic devices coming in. I got rather taken in by the bass solo at the end…

Drawing nineteen – Mercury cast II

Another (and final sadly) week on this. An interesting technique I will almost certainly use again.

Drawings sixteen to eighteen

Got a bit behind this week, so three daily doodles for the price of one! Drawing sixteen – tree doodle Any similarity between this and the Conservative party…

Drawing fifteen – Loch Fyne Landscape (WIP #3)

Drawing fourteen – For Suzanne

Drawing thirteen – A Love Supreme layer one (WIP)

A new abstract based on John Coltrane’s Love Supreme. It will be many layers, each based on one 34 minute play of the album. This is the first.

Drawing twelve – Mercury cast (WIP)

Sorry, drawing eleven didn’t happen. But back at the Maryhill cast drawing this morning started a new one on bigger paper to be continued into next week. I…

Drawing ten – Loch Fyne landscape again

Drawing nine – Kaikoura framed!

Kaikoura is back from the framers and looking great!

Drawing eight – Loch Fyne landscape WIP

The current painting, on the easel in the studio.

Drawing seven – Handspan

Didn’t have anything from today so decided to draw my hand. Then I decided to draw around it, and its shadow, then it all got a bit abstract……

Drawing six – After Hokusai

Drawing five – Casting shadows

First drawing from cast drawing class. New technique for me this but it seems like a good starting point. Next two classes will be one drawing I think.

Drawing four – Note tree

From work notebook. Actual notes blurred because they’re nowhere near as interesting as the tree.

Drawing three : Moar Floors

Is a lily without colour or scent still a lily?

Drawing two : Train due in eight minutes

Some days you get a two-hour painting of sunflowers, others you get a train platform scrawl. Them’s the breaks.

Drawing One : Sunflowers

It’s a drawing in paint, honest. I promise I won’t cheat tomorrow.