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Drawing eight – lump sanguine

I love lump sanguine. There’s nothing quite like drawing with rock 🙂

Drawing seven

Drawing five

2B Pencil. I always struggle with soft pencil – too soft to be precise but too hard to be expressive (like charcoal)… Good to play with the balance…

Drawings two, three and four

Sticking with the same dried flower head, moving to fine markers. Drawing two is a quick study in 0.3mm marker. Drawing three looks more closely at how the…

28 Drawings Later 2017 – Day One

After a year of throwing paint at canvases in a fairly expressionistic kind of way, I feel like getting back to basics is in order, so for this…

Drawing twenty-eight : 28 Bananas Later

…and we’re finished! 28 drawings in 28 days! The last one was always going to be banana related 😉

Drawing twenty-seven : The final bloom

On home straight now, and searching the flat for stuff to draw….

Drawing twenty-six : The Broken Hand Still Points

Drawing twenty-five : The Horse of Selene

I would love to do some proper drawings from the Parthenon sculptures in the British Museum someday. This is a quick sketch taken from a book.

Drawing twenty-four : kiwi dreams

Sort of a prequel to drawing six, which proved popular.

Drawings twenty-two and twenty-three

A four hour life drawing session this weekend yielded a couple of pictures as I try to catch up on a lost week. The pose was the same…

Drawing twenty-one : Koru

A year ago the city of Christchurch in New Zealand, a place I have great affection for, was hit by a devastating earthquake. I drew this that day…

Drawing twenty : a clockwork chicken

Something small and silly for drawing twenty. New pens weren’t behaving quite the same as the old ones so needed a familiarisation exercise.

Drawing nineteen : Pheasant feathers

More pastel practice. The detail is really hard but the overall feel is amazingly intuitive to achieve with pastels.

Drawing eighteen : Jumping on the Bananawagon

For some reason quite a few participants on 28 Drawings Later are doing bananas, with at least one person doing a different banana (different style, medium etc.) each…

Drawings fifteen through seventeen

Bit of a catch-up post. Drawing fifteen : life study Drawing sixteen : The City Alight Tried to recreate the success of drawing thirteen with another out-of-the-window pastel…

Drawing thirteen : The City Wakes

Drawing twelve did happen, but was a disaster so I’ve exercised my right to “file” it. Drawing thirteen is a little pastel study of the sunset from my…

Drawings eleven and ten (in that order)

Drawing eleven : There is no drawing ten I was fortunate enough to see the Leonardo exhibition in London last year (have I belted on about that enough…

Drawing nine : A simple drawing of an ornate vase

Drawing eight : Not all angels play the harp

Drawing seven : Tough pose

Drawing six : The Kiwi Who Flew

Drawing five

Drawing four – Charlie Cat enjoys the Calcutta Cup

Glad someone did 🙂

Drawing three – ROWR!