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Drawing twenty-eight : 28 Bananas Later

…and we’re finished! 28 drawings in 28 days! The last one was always going to be banana related 😉

Drawing twenty-seven : The final bloom

On home straight now, and searching the flat for stuff to draw….

Drawing twenty-six : The Broken Hand Still Points

Drawing twenty-five : The Horse of Selene

I would love to do some proper drawings from the Parthenon sculptures in the British Museum someday. This is a quick sketch taken from a book.

Drawing twenty-four : kiwi dreams

Sort of a prequel to drawing six, which proved popular.

Drawings twenty-two and twenty-three

A four hour life drawing session this weekend yielded a couple of pictures as I try to catch up on a lost week. The pose was the same…

Drawing twenty-one : Koru

A year ago the city of Christchurch in New Zealand, a place I have great affection for, was hit by a devastating earthquake. I drew this that day…

Drawing twenty : a clockwork chicken

Something small and silly for drawing twenty. New pens weren’t behaving quite the same as the old ones so needed a familiarisation exercise.

Drawing nineteen : Pheasant feathers

More pastel practice. The detail is really hard but the overall feel is amazingly intuitive to achieve with pastels.

Drawing eighteen : Jumping on the Bananawagon

For some reason quite a few participants on 28 Drawings Later are doing bananas, with at least one person doing a different banana (different style, medium etc.) each…

Drawings fifteen through seventeen

Bit of a catch-up post. Drawing fifteen : life study Drawing sixteen : The City Alight Tried to recreate the success of drawing thirteen with another out-of-the-window pastel…

Drawing fourteen : Treasure!

Because Valentines Day cards are all shit.

Picasso in Britain

This, from The Guardian’s review of the new Tate show ‘Picasso and Modern British Art’ amused me; and shows vividly how public acceptance can so often be a poor guide to…

Drawing thirteen : The City Wakes

Drawing twelve did happen, but was a disaster so I’ve exercised my right to “file” it. Drawing thirteen is a little pastel study of the sunset from my…

Drawings eleven and ten (in that order)

Drawing eleven : There is no drawing ten I was fortunate enough to see the Leonardo exhibition in London last year (have I belted on about that enough…

Drawing nine : A simple drawing of an ornate vase

Drawing eight : Not all angels play the harp

Self portraits

I’ve never done one. Perhaps 28 Drawings Later is the excuse I need to try. Some interesting musings on the topic of Self Portraits in The Guardian’s Notes and…

Drawing seven : Tough pose

Drawing six : The Kiwi Who Flew

Drawing five

Drawing four – Charlie Cat enjoys the Calcutta Cup

Glad someone did 🙂

Drawing three – ROWR!

Drawing two – The Soloist

Went to a great concert tonight. Didn’t draw this in the concert hall obviously, but it seemed like a good subject for today’s 28 Drawings Later doodle.

Restoring Leonardo

Interesting article on the BBC here. New examination of a copy of the Mona Lisa has revealed detail lost from the original. Having seen the recent Leonardo exhibition…